Budget Bride with expensive taste!

I know how hard it is seeing the wonderful bridal shows with grand weddings and thousands of people. Then you have that moment when you realize its just not going to happen, the budget isn’t possible. My goal on my page is to help brides realize what they do and do not have to buy for your wedding. You can keep your expensive taste, but if you keep an open mind you will see there are always alternatives and loop holes to everything!


3 thoughts on “Budget Bride with expensive taste!

  1. It’s so true.Far too many people spend so much on that one day when they don’t need to.We bought our wedding invitations from a store then wrote all the details in ourselves,(which saved us quite a bit of money).For our wedding favors we actually gave all the adults a lottery ticket or scratchcard and the children a little goodie bag with crayons and coloring books in etc instead of paying for personalized items,yes we did things on the cheap but no one cared and we had quite a few of the guests win money so they were very happy.


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